Badge (Dainius Valiūnas)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Our resident Lithuanian Farmer T/5 Valiūnas, treats his fellow squad mates like any farmer worth their salt treats their flock, he kicks them up the rear to get them moving when needs be, but he also protects them from any predator that might do them harm. He does this with his trusty Rifle, he’s been doing this for years, at one time we even allowed him to have a scope, but he decided to retire, so we wont be giving that back to him just yet, alas he proved himself to be perfectly handy without it anyways. Congratulate our Vali on the award of his 2nd Rifle Sharpshooter Badge.


Congratulations T/5 Vali, well deserved my friend! So when are you gonna shoot your bull with the new scope :thinking:

Congrats T/5!