Badge (Dan Murray)

TSgt. Bruneau said:

This is a badge for a man who has redefined the meaning of the term “support element”. T/5 Murray has endlessly demonstrated his competency with his Light AIT since receiving it. From earning a medal in the DP3 scrimmage to teaching Pathfinder classes for the role to now receiving this badge, there is no questioning the things Murray has achieved to date. Here in DP3S1, we trust Murray to not only throw smokes and breach buildings, but to eliminate entire flanks of enemies. We rely on him as one of our most skilled players, as somebody who can hold his own against an assaulting team of 5+ enemies. Murray continues to prove that he is up to the challenge. Currently, he is working on not only teaching Pathfinder classes but also giving direct assistance and instruction to our own members, as Lights and as general players. T/5 Murray, I am extremely proud to see you earn this badge. You are one of the best Light AITs in the company; I wish I was as good as you when I was a Light! Enough ego-stroking, take your Submachine Gun Sharpshooter Badge and keep making a name for yourself. Congratulations.

Congrats, fellow SMG clerk!

Congrats T/5!

Congratulations T/5 Murray!

Congratulations T/5, it seems that clerks who are Lights are absolute killers!