Badge (Daniel J. McMeen)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

PFC D. McMeen has been nothing but pleasure within DP3S4. A cheerful man with a deadly competence with any submachine gun, I can easily entrust him with the task of using combined arms tactics with his brother to eliminate any fortified position. Even in the event when the entire squad goes down, leaving only PFC D. McMeen and his brother alive, I know with full confidence they will make a hell of an Alamo before going down; if not winning. Aside these accomplishments with his subcaliber machinegun, PFC D. McMeen has also proved the utility behind the strategic use of the smoke grenade and the utilization of claymore in deadly funnel scenarios. It is my distinct privilege to award you the Submachine Gun Sharpshooter Badge! I hope to see many more exploits that exemplify your skills in the future, congratulations PFC D. McMeen!