Badge (Daniel K. Dawdy)

Sgt. Lord said:

Cpl. Dawdy has been part of Dog for quite some time now. He has made his place in DP3 as a dependable and headstrong squad leader, but there is something else Cpl. Dawdy has come to be known for in the past several months. Over the course of the year and some time prior to that he has been more than deadly with his rifle. He is able to change to tides of a battle single handedly if given the opportunity. His rifle of choice be the bolt action Mosin with which he is able to deftly take down any number of opponents no matter the olds. It is only fitting to award Cpl. Dawdy with his Rifle Sharpshooter badge. Congratulations, and may your aim never miss its mark.

Congratulations Corporal!

Very well-deserved, witnessing your streak on Sai Gon was something else. Congratulations Cpl.!