Badge (Dmitry V. Zolotykh)

PFC Suárez said:

As a weapon master he has achieved perfect symphony with all rifleman class rifles. Mastering them all is not easy task and from his recent incorporation to DP1S1, he has achieved a up to standard on the unit. We can all tell we know Pvt. Zolotykh from taking us down from a long range confrontation, his marksmanship is to be noted. A man that loves to play with distances, it doesn’t matter where the enemy is, he will use big caliber rifles to give a pretty long distant shot or use the small ones to make you run out of cover and hunt you like a praying duck. Congratulations Pvt. Zolotykh for your rifle marksmanship badge, you are a true marksman, keep up with such great work that you’re doing!


Congratulations Pvt. Zolotykh!

Great first step Pvt., congratulations!!

COngratulations Pvt., well deserved!