Badge (Dmytro Ental)

PFC Suárez said:

PFC Ental has been in the unit for many years now, 5 years to be accurate. During this time PFC Ental has had the luck to put his hands on many weapons, maybe I should say, many weapons have had the luck to be touched by PFC Ental. Now it was the time for the lead spitting machine gun! Well, for his first time using this type of equipment his legendary abilities did not let us down. Before, he was able to get rid of any enemy he faced off. And now? He is even able to get out of the fight against multiple enemies at the same time, making a lot of noise and like the “Old Dog” he is, letting everyone know where his territory starts. Usually a high amount of fire means low precision. Well, here we have “The exception that makes the rules”, wasn’t it always like that? A precise and consistent fire, is what PFC Ental was able to achieve along with his trigger discipline too. That’s something easy to loose while using this type of equipment. But a machine gun is nearly useless if not coordinated with the team. A proper machine gunner needs to provide cover for his team, pin the enemy down and if able, crack some heads that did not take cover in time. PFC Ental gives good covering fire and leaves no enemies alive under it. Him being a veteran on light AITs has taught him something that is usually not shown on machine gun. Being able to relocate himself and because of this, improving his survivability or just giving a headache to the enemy while trying to locate him. For this exceptional performance PFC Ental, it’s my honor to award you with your first Machine Gun Marksman Badge. Many more to come!


Congratulations PFC Ental!

Congrats PFC!