Badge (Dom B. Colling)

Sgt. Zylath said:

PFC Colling is a man after my own heart: he loves his shotguns and SMGs. Although he has taken the dark road of the SMG rather than the path of the shotty, we in DP3S1 still respect the amount of lead he can quickly place into our enemies. As one of our Light AIT holders, Colling is an ambush predator, penetrating deep into enemy lines and popping up when they least expect it. During our last three DBotS matches, we have come to rely heavily on his skills. For a man who we rely so much on, it is simply not fitting to be lacking in badges. Therefore, it is high time he receive his Submachine Gun Marksman Badge. Congratulations PFC Colling, keep on blapping away.

Howdy pubbing partner, congrats on the nice badge! Always glad to play with you