Badge (Dominic Wells)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC D. Wells has become quite the legend among DP3 and within Dog Company as a whole. This reputation was acquired through endless hours of private practice, experience through high attendance and guesting of drills, and innovation with the weapons available in the various factions’ combat engineer role. PFC D. Wells was able to not only perfect the more typical combat engineer skills, like the art of using the M79 Grenade Launcher “thumper”, or developing the ability to guide the unpredictable RPG-7 into its targets, but PFC D. Wells has been able to take the grenade launcher with buckshot shotgun ammunition, and turn it into quite the effective room-clearing weapon. PFC D. Wells can be counted on to do the work of a light due to this well-earned skill, not just as an explosives expert, and took a weapon type that was considered by many to be a “meme”, and made it a formidable obstacle. PFC D. Wells is long overdue for his sharpshooter badge given everything ordinary and extraordinary he has accomplished thus far, and will likely only continue to innovate in future. Congratulations PFC D. Wells, and we look forward to seeing some expert marks next!