Badge (Dominic Wells)

Cpl. Hanley said:

Pvt. D. Wells has had intense and non-stop rifle training since I returned to DP3S3. With DBotS going on, D. Wells has been attending competitive matches and serious preparation where every shot counts. Despite being relatively new to the 29th, Pvt. D. Wells’ performance has been incredibly from the outset of the competition. D. Well’s improvement throughout this year’s DBotS cannot be understated. At the start of DBotS, D. Wells was already above the typical new rifleman, shooting more accurately and getting more kills than other new privates. By the end of DBotS, D. Wells was getting multiple kills per competitive round, with a most impressive incident when he secured victory for DP3S3 in a 1 vs. 3 situation against very good enemy players. D. Wells’ dramatic improvement in combat performance since he joined has made it appropriate to request his Rifle Marksman Badge at this time.


Definitely well-deserved, congrats Pvt.!