Badge (Erwan Pirou)

2Lt. Griffin said:

This has been a long time coming, for a long time PFC Pirou has been one of the finest pilots within Dog, honing and perfecting his skills long before it even existed as an AIT (became cool) within the company, on multiple occasions he has proved himself at a Company level for his competence and skills, and more recently has been heavily involved in training our newer generations of crewmen. All this said, gives me no hesitation that PFC Pirou deserves to be awarded for his commitment to his chosen AIT, and want to congratulate him on the award of his Pilot Sharpshooter Badge!


Congratulations PFC Pirou the real terror of the skies !

There isn’t much more that needs saying, PFC Pirou is king of the skies!

Up up you go PFC. Pirou. Congratulations!

Congrats PFC Pirou!

thank you, i still have room to improve thoug ! :wink: