Badge (Fred Hanma)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

In life, when we find ourselves in a competitive environment no matter the sport/game/obstacle certain principles ring true. One that I hold near and dear to my heart is that to win at the highest levels, one must never conduct themselves in a way that puts personal achievement above the good of the team. In the unit we’ve become partial to the term, “lone-wolfing.” In basketball, they call it, “Hero-ball.” Whatever you want to call it, never have I met a more shining example of its antithesis than PFC Fred Hanma. In his time in the role of light for DP3S4, he has developed an extremely mission-focused style of playing that in my opinion is the only reason I have not found myself writing this quote sooner. While he is exceedingly proficient with every aspect of the AIT, what truly shines through in his play is his ability to push out into hostile territory and provide round-winning intelligence. By providing this to his team, he will feed his comrades the locations of enemy assailants accurately and often so that they, not him, can take them down from more advantageous positions. I have every reason to believe that not only is PFC Hanma happy to do this, he wouldn’t have it any other way. This style of play does not often lead to the 3+ kills per round one would come to expect out of a Sharpshooter badge holder, but if we are to believe that badges are a tangible metric of the ability of soldiers to use their assigned AIT at certain levels of proficiency, the idea that PFC Hanma would be without his Sharpshooter Badge any longer would be borderline criminal. Congratulations Crab God, NEVER FORGET!


Well deserved, congrats Hanma!