Badge (Gerard B. Demigo)

Cpl. Meerts said:

PFC Demigo has always been one of those tricks that I am very glad to have up my sleeve. Whenever a difficult task needs to be taken care of, deep into enemy lines, I know that PFC Demigo will perform it with great effectiveness and reliability. Despite some stiff competition in the unit when it comes to being a light, he has continued to impress me, again and again, never failing to surpass my expectations. He has become an expert with the various tools given to him, both when it comes to the weaponry, and the tools that are his traps and smokes. And in using these to great effect, he has wreaked havoc on the enemy lines, whether they are pushing into his traps or dealing with his flanking maneuvers. So, I’ve been seeing all of these great things, but I’m not seeing a Submachine Gun Sharpshooter Badge. So it made me think that it’s high time PFC Demigo was awarded his! Congratulations, PFC Demigo, and keep up that great work with your SMG!


Hard fought, well earned!

Congrats PFC Demigo, well deserved!

Congratulations PFC, Good Effort!

Way to go PFC Demigo. Congratulations!