Badge (Gustavo M. Folmer)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

Corporal Folmer has impressed all of use once more in earning the coveted 4th Combat Action Badge award. Recruiting as we all know is no easy task, not only does it require a highly motivated and dedicated individual but a third talent that is often less possessed; people skills. Cpl. Folmer in his unofficial position as our own representative from DP3 to the South American community, has scouted out some of our most well known players like PFC De Oliviera, PFC Pomelisimo, and others. Corporal Folmer, on top of recruiting 21 recruits, has recruited quality individuals, and established a foothold in South American communities. I’m very thankful for not only his work that keeps the 29th and Dog Company alive, but to have such as individual help lead DP3S4! Thank you “Gu”!

Parabens, Cpl. Folmer!

Nice badge Cpl., always glad to see more 4th CABs around