Badge (Hunter L. Neilson)

Cpl. Bukey said:

When it came time to reflect on PFC Neilson’s time here for his first AoCC I said, “There are many notorious ARs that members of the 29th think of as they are opened up on or suppressed. There’s a list of deadly individuals that pop into one’s head when they hear a distant burst and see their friend wiped off the map. There’s no doubt in my mind that PFC Neilson has begun to find himself on those lists, and he’ll continue to be noticed by many more as they check the scoreboard to see who their opposition is.” I’m not sure I’ve ever been more right about anything in my life. Neilson has become one with his AR. He has stepped into the AR role and excelled from the start. I can’t imagine him doing anything else as it seems he found his perfect fit. When you combine his deadly skill with his excellent communication and game sense, it’s easy to see why he is a major part of EP3S1’s success. I look forward to watching Neilson work towards his sharpshooter badge!