Badge (Ivan D. Buravkov)

Sgt. Lord said:

PFC Buravkov has been under my per-view for only a short amount of time, but long before this PFC came to my doors I was already quite well aware of who he was. Whether it was from his constant guesting or the amount of bodies he piled up from doing so. This PFC made is presence known on the battlefield. He is quite adept at flanking, scouting, and outstanding close quarters combat ability. PFC Buravkov is known for his lethality at both close and at far, but the best thing about him is that he is more then will to share his knowledge with others in the unit. He takes his time with those who ask him for help, showing his skills to others so that the company as a whole can grow and learn. With all of this it only seems fitting to award him his Submachine gun Sharpshooter Badge.


Congrats Buravkov!

well done!

Congratulations PFC Buravkov!