Badge (Jack Winston)

Sgt. J. Lee said

After a long and infamous year with the mattock, Cpl. Winston has finally shelved his adopted ancestral weapon and entered 20th-century warfare. With this sharpshooter badge, we celebrate Cpl. Winston’s continued success with the next humblest of weapons: the rifle. Cpl. Winston consistently leverages his heightened awareness of the battlefield alongside his capacity for pin-point fire to great effect; he not only helps maintain battlefield cohesion but also greatly contributes to the round’s success. One will hear him frequently coordinating his local teammates and assisting in neutralizing targets as they appear. Cpl. Winston’s performance with this frontline weapon provides opportunities and safety for the others in DP2S1 in their respective roles. Congratulations, Cpl. Winston, on your triumphs – past, present, and future – all with a rifle in hand!


Very well deserved, congrats!

Congratulations Cpl. Winston!