Badge (James A. Griffin)

SSgt. Meerts said:

We’ve all heard the classic saying, that the higher your rank gets, the worse you get at the game. Because of this, it sometimes seems 2Lt. Griffin was put into Platoon HQ as an attempt at containing him… An attempt that failed miserably. Despite being busy running his platoon with excellent results, this man has not let his rifle skill level drop in the slightest. His rifle fire has never ceased to be pinpoint accurate in the years that I’ve seen 2Lt. Griffin fight on the battlefield. And his positioning always shows a great level of tactical insight, which he manages to achieve while running a drill at the same time. Finally, he doesn’t limit himself to long range either, with his close quarters prowess showing great reflexes and snap fire skills as well. All in all, every squad in DP1 is very happy when they see the lieutenant join their team at drill times, and dismayed when they have to go up against him. So, it speaks for itself that he is more than due his Rifle Sharpshooter Badge! Congratulations, 2Lt!


Congratulations 2LT!

Congratulations 2Lt. Griffin, I still see our S3 spirit in you!

Congratulations 2Lt. Griffin!