Badge (Jareck A. Hollens)

Cpl. Moran said:

If you’ve ever heard the term “real recognize real” you’ll know how well it applies to PFC Hollens and me when it comes to our Automatic Rifle use and skill. Hollens was assigned the AR shortly before S2 as well as rest of the platoon had to participate in 2Lt. Sutera’s OCS. It can be said that Hollens really took to the ground running with the AIT, so he can be prepared for such a competitive situation. PFC Hollens didn’t just perform well but outperformed in this area which is partially the reason why he has the shiny bronze star on his chest. It seems that in such a small amount of time, he has already mastered the AR. FP2 is lucky to have some of the best AR’s in the unit and I’m glad to finally add PFC Hollens’s name to that ever-expanding list. PFC Hollens it’s my pleasure to finally award you with your AR Marksman Badge! I’ll see you when you get that sharpshooter!


he’s ok I guess