Badge (John Bedekovich)

2Lt. Stray said

Few people have the privilege of being recommended for their Sharpshooter badge by Company HQ before Platoon HQ requests it but it appears that PFC Bedekovich is one of these people. I know that this is because he has proven himself time and time again, at a company level and at a community level with feats of strength for all to see at Friday Night Fights. Hell, he even earned a coveted silver star doing so. So it must come as no surprise that we find PFC Bedekovich is not at the Marksman level but at the Sharpshooter, so he is awarded his Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations PFC!


Congratulations PFC!
Well earned!

Nice one Beda! Well done

Nice badge you got there Beda, Congratulations

Congratulations, Beda!