Badge (Jonathan O. Bukey)

Sgt. Mortem said:

When it came time for PFC Bukey to make the leap into squad leadership training, he was worried that it would impede his progress towards proficiency and effectiveness with his grenade launcher. Clearly, that has not been the case, PFC Bukey has not only met my expectations but completely blown past them. One of my favorite things is ordering PFC Bukey to indiscriminately fire grenades into windows and doorways, and then hearing the enemy giving up as we pass by the buildings. He’s frequently been one of those silent killers, which is ironic given that his AIT make one of the loudest and most recognizable sounds in the game, and yet I still find myself being amazed when he comes out of a round with a bunch of kills. The fact that he’s been making such great progress with his GL all while stepping up to lead is nothing short of amazing. PFC Bukey congratulations on this well earned badge, I expect to see that Sharpshooter real soon!