Badge (Julio P. Barazal)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Barazal is an outstanding member of the 29th ID in every way possible, supporting his squad, platoon, and company in every way that he can, but perhaps most importantly, is outstanding with his machine gun on the battlefield. PFC Barazal has been a core component of DP3S3 for as long as anyone can remember, and this recognition of PFC Barazal is the result of his skill with his AIT. PFC Barazal has actively spent his time learning his AIT by observing and implementing the techniques and experiences of other machine gunners within his company, and then utilizing his developed skills effectively in combat. PFC Barazal’s love and passion for his AIT can be seen through his practice of his AIT in public games, and his interest in learning from others through official and unofficial channels. PFC Barazal has also gone out of his way to help other people develop their machine gun skills when he can, and has achieved a status among his peers as someone that is most helpful as a teammate, and most deadly as an enemy. For all of the aforementioned achievements, and other ways in which PFC Barazal has demonstrated his clear passion and dedication to his machine gunner AIT, it is appropriate and necessary to award PFC Barazal with his Machine Gun Sharpshooter Badge at this time. Congratulations on your sharpshooter badge, and continue to advance your skills, and the skills of others, to maintain your current level of excellence.


big gun go bbbrrrrrr


Absolutely well-deserved, congrats on this hard-earned badge!!