Badge (Keiko R. Aoki)

PFC Reid said:

Starting off as one of S1’s more quieter members. PFC Aoki has more than made up for it with the amount of accurate suppression and rounds he throws down range. He is slowly but surely becoming the AR S1 so desperately needs and hasn’t had for years. From single-handedly defending an objective area on his own, to full on clinching our assaults with last minute kills. PFC Aoki has only continued to improve and hone his craft since taking up this AIT. I am more than excited to see what pain he brings to others in the future. Congratulations PFC on earning that Final check for your Automatic Rifle Marksman Badge! Keep up the fantastic work!!

what a lad

Well deserved, PFC Aoki!!

Thank’s yall! I never would’ve improved without the valuable advice and experience I gained from playing with yall