Badge (Koa D. Andersen)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

One year ago, PFC Andersen declared his intention to remain a rifleman and professed no interest in any AIT. Fortunately for the platoon and squad, PFC Andersen is as capricious as he is forgetful, for he adopted the thumper and RPG mere months later. Having gradually incorporated CE essentials into his skillset over the next half-year — SL rally marks for ranging and self-sufficiency to engage targets without X marks — PFC Andersen is indisputably a fully-fledged CE of Dog Company. While he has launched the occasional explosive at a teammate out of boredom, a tendency we hope to soon squash, PFC Andersen is nonetheless a highly capable and reliable teammate, one whose efforts incessantly raise DP2S1’s win rate and cheer. With this award, we recognize and celebrate PFC Andersen’s investment and achievement as a CE. Congratulations, PFC Andersen!


When the squad needed the boom the most he stepped up. You filled in the boots of PFC Williams nicely, keep it up and congrats for the badge!