Badge (Kwinten Meerts)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

Sgt. Meerts has been a founding member of both Pathfinder School and Dog Company’s Ordnance Corp, during his tenure as instructor he has imparted invaluable knowledge throughout the company. Sgt. Meerts was an easy choice of instructor, prior to his recruitment, he was known to guest drills like a chronic obsession and was infamously known for his consistent PTS. In those PTSs, Sgt. Meerts always delivered a carefully constructed criticism and advice as to how the squad could improve their gameplay. Through that end Sgt. Meerts has continuously distinguished himself in not only imparting his knowledge onto the company, but also his concepts, ideas, and dedication have been responsible for enlarging the skillset obtained by his peer instructors. As one of our most dedicated instructors in upholding the creed of which Ordnance Corp was built on. It is only fitting that he be awarded Ordnance Instructor Badge. Congratulations Sgt. Meerts and thank you to your steadfast aid. Ever Forward!

looks cool nice job Sgt.

Congratulations Sgt. Meerts!

Ayo! Congrats, Sgt.

very cool shiny!

Congratulations Sgt. Meerts on this very prestigious badge!

Good work there teacher Sgt. Congratulations!

Congrats Sgt.!

I think they made this badge just for you

This badge is so new I can’t even see it on your jacket! Congratulations Sgt., it is certainly most well-deserved,