Badge (Kwinten Meerts)

2Lt. Griffin said:

“Combat Engineer - Completed it Mate” - is all I can think of to say when thinking of how to describe SSgt. Meerts’ ability and aptitude with his long held favourite AIT.

I can’t recall exactly when the knee mortar (Type 89 Grenade Discharger its correct designation) came in to RS2, but it was around the middle of 2019, this was around the same time a then very junior and recently promoted PFC Meerts came to the attention to the rest of the Platoon with his amazing or frustrating (depending on which team you found yourself on) talent with being able to accurately place mortar rounds all across the map. He soon became the mobile IDF launcher upon which our Platoon came to rely upon.

Since then, he has gone on to fully flesh out his skills with the AIT and prove how well rounded of a CE he his, able to proficiently destroy the opposition whether it be airborne, armoured, on foot, buried in the deepest crevices of a Vietcong tunnel system. SSgt. Meerts knows what tools to use to get the job done. He is arguably Dog Company’s most accomplished CE, and having now instructed many of our members in the various facets of the CE AIT, has made it his mission to pass that knowledge on, whilst always being on the hunt for new knowledge and insight himself.

For all this and more, I think he has done more than enough to earn himself the Combat Engineer Expert Badge, I also know that this wont stop him from trying to learn more and get better. Well done, SSgt.


Hell yeah!

Congrats SSgt., now please stop blowing me up.

Then we shall fight in the shade.

Congratulations SSgt. Meerts!