Badge (Kwinten Meerts)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Cpl. Meerts has long been a connoisseur of the boom stick and other associated accoutrements, when he’s not busy leading his squad, buzzing around in a helicopter or not getting any sleep.

Meerts has progressively worked on and built himself into one of the most impressive CE’s that we have in Dog, he’s in fine company for sure, but he stands out from the crowd for his exceptional abilities when it comes to IDF, as soon as the knee mortar was introduced to RS2. He quickly mastered its use to the point where in a lot scenarios, his team mates would just feed him marks and he rains little bundles of pain with annoying accuracy onto enemy positions, not to mention always chucking that first mortar upon live in the enemies direction.

More recently, he’s also been giving his time to teach others across the company the tricks of the trade via the Pathfinder School, a position for which he has now been recognized and assigned. For all of the above, and more, Cpl. Meerts is clearly overdue his Sharpshooter CE Badge, congratulations!


Congratulations! Terrified every time I see you on the enemy team!

Big boomy congrats there Cpl. Meerts!

well deserved

Stop killing me