Badge (Logan B. Albers)

SSgt. Newton said:

I have spent a lot of time at drills in the 29th analyzing and watching other players from spectate cam and one of the things I always look for to judge just how good another player is, is how good are they with both their rifle and their AIT? We are all rifleman first and we have a basic level of skill with it, and we all have an AIT that we transfer into and some of us get pretty good at that. When somebody like T/4 Albers comes along though it seems like it doesn’t matter which he gets handed, a lot of enemy soldiers always seem to end up dead. For some people when they guest a drill and their coveted CE Sharpshooter skills are put on hold because there are too many CE’s on the team they fall back to their rifle in dismay because they need their frag rockets to keep up. Not T/4 Albers though. He grabs his grenades and his ammo bag and proceeds to wreck everyone anyways like the dispassionate murder machine that he is. It does not matter what tools he’s given T/4 Albers is usually able to make it work and to carry his squad and his team forwards and THAT is a mark of someone who truly got gud because he’s always dangerous. In fact, T/4 Albers has a Rifleman Sharpshooter badge from DH, a CE Sharpshooter badge from Squad, and now a Rifleman Sharpshooter badge from Squad to prove that. To earn 3 Sharpshooter Badges across 2 different games in the 29th is something pretty rare indeed. Well done T/4 Albers.

Congratulations T/4 on this achievement, it’s always a great time guesting with you.