Badge (Logan S. Martin)

Cpl. Argerham said:

A towering pillar of the squad, PFC L. Martin is truly cut from a different cloth. Disregarding his own sanity and choosing to charge headfirst into the dark and twisted world of a crewman in the 29th he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt just how skilled he truly is. With willpower made of granite, nerves of steel, and resolve of another suitably hard material L. Martin has shown above-average skills as well as drive to constantly learn and improve in his AIT. It is with great pleasure that I get to repeat the words once spoken to me; congratulations on a well-deserved marksman badge Martin! “Keep terrorizing the infantry with your metal box!”


Absolute beast!!! Congrats on the badhe PFC Martin, keep up the good work!

good shit lmar

Congrats, Lovely Martin. Nice to have you in the seat.