Badge (Luke P. McKee)

Sgt. Nielsen said:

As all of the new faces in Charlie know, PFC McKee is the first friend that many have in the unit. Serving as the Enlistment Liaison with the Lighthouse Corps. for over a year now; the job is often thankless and discouraging as many recruits unfortunately never end up showing up for BCT or pass.

However, we have the opportunity tonight to recognize him for all of the effort he puts forth making sure that the unit is fully stocked with fresh faced recruits with his Lighthouse Badge in TS! So thanks for a whole year of service with the Lighthouse Corps. - we all appreciate your hard work.

I’d like to brag and claim that me being your EL back then was what inspired you got this far, but that’d be a lie.
You are a good friend, a good EL, and a great inspiration by yourself.
Thank you and congratulations! Ever Forward!