Badge (Mark A. Esquivel)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Esquivel has really taking a great liking to the Light AIT, and as such, as greatly improved his skills. Starting as a PFC that chose to remain a rifleman for most of his early days, PFC Esquivel carefully decided, and clearly went with the right decision to be a Submachine Gunner. PFC Esquivel has accomplished everything the 29th ID would expect from its scouting roles, whether it is proper trap placement, the clearing of rooms, and the use of smoke grenades. With such improvement and clear display of skill, it is appropriate at this time to issue PFC Esquivel with his submachine gunner marksman badge. Congratulations PFC Esquivel, and we hope to see you get a sharpshooter badge one day as well.


Ah yes, superior weaponry. Congrats!

Superior AIT indeed, congratulations PFC!