Badge (Martin Kopáč)

Cpl. Meerts said:

Of all the people I have seen getting into a new AIT, few have impressed me so with their rapid progression as PFC Kopáč. Right off the bat, this man was impressing the hell out of me and his squad with his rifle grenade shots. I think all of S4 will remember him wiping half an attacking team right after a DBotS prep match went live. But PFC Kopáč did not fall into the CE trap of becoming a one trick pony, but instead spread his focus across the whole board of the many tools of the Combat Engineer. Watching him perform great RPG shots, accurate thumper fire and well placed C4’s and WP’s, I knew then and there that this PFC has a great future ahead of him as our squad’s Combat Engineer. And PFC Kopáč lived up to these expectations throughout DBotS, contributing greatly during the whole tournament despite how recently he had adopted the AIT. And so, his Combat Engineer Marksman badge is hard fought and well deserved, congratulations!


Viva la Boomstick, congrats!

Congratulations PFC Kopáč!