Badge (Matt J. Scholand)

2Lt. Ericksen said:

It’s a tough task to become the official best rifleman in Charlie Company; there’s just so much competition. But PFC Scholand has proven time and time again that he is an expert, not only with his rifle, but also a marksman with his Sniper rifle. Through persistent effort, attendance, and practice, PFC Scholand has honed his trade and proven that he is a reliable platoon level asset with his sniper - able to take out an enemy at distance in a flash or provide accurate recon as a lone element. For his tenacity and skill, PFC Scholand is hereby awarded his Sniper Marksman badge, congratulations PFC - you have earned it!

Congratulations, American Sniper: the Most Lethal Sniper in CP1 History!

I have been shot by this man many a times. I prefer to shoot alongside him any day. Well done, PFC!

Solid hustle, PFC. Thank you for your years of continued service.