Badge (Matthew A. Patterson)

Cpl. Wallison said:

I will start this quote by saying how proud I am of T/5 Patterson. After becoming a PFC I started training Patterson to be a crewman as his first AIT. Being the first fruit of many students of mine, Patterson at the beginning was a great shot, a confident voice, and an all around superb PFC. He took his training in strides and improved immensely in a matter of weeks. His performance as a crewman for DP3S1 was nothing short of inspiring. Since then, Patterson has completed his SLT training with Sgt. Zylath and will one day be leading another squad. In a year’s time he has made incredible progress and achieved all goals laid before him. It’s been a flash from training him as a fresh face to an astounding leader at the beginning of his journey. Be proud of the person you’ve become in a very short time T/5 Patterson. Congratulations on your Crewman Marksman Badge.