Badge (Nicholas Caesar)

SSgt. Newton said:

PFC Caesar is a man who immediately piqued my interest even since I first met him. Mostly because his name is Caesar and it made me wonder why I didn’t enlist as Caesar, because that’s a cool ass name. Roman dictators aside, I found Caesar to be a bit of an odd guy at first and I was confused when he decided to stick it out as a rifleman even after becoming a PFC. He was an above average rifleman sure, but he just didn’t really stand out to me at the time. He was kind of one of those guys that is just quietly getting better and better with his rifle and earning sharpshooter checks in the background. Then one day you all of a sudden realize “holy shit Caesar is a god.” I can honestly say that Caesar is now one of the better rifleman in Fox Company and that he really has been stringing those godly plays together consistently. As such Fox Co. HQ and I have agreed that it’s time for PFC Caesar to be awarded one of the rarer weapons badges in the 29th; his Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations PFC Caesar and well done!

Nice job!! One hell of a rifleman!

My favorite medic! Congrats!