Badge (Nour Aboalfa)

Cpl. Hatfield Said:

Rarely has someone joined the 29th with such will and fury, and almost never has someone done so while playing recruitment like they were in debt to a multi-level marketing outfit and trying to divest his product. His product specifically being his own caustic sense of humor (flailed about like an uncontrolled limb), stories about funny or awful calls while on the job, his own unsolicited opinions on how we could do things better - and finally, this dysfunctional pit of wild characters and family we call the 29th. We do have to hope he never ceases his efforts; like a blood cult we always need more after all - but one does have to wonder how much he’s paying all these people to think “Let’s follow this strange firefighter who says he has friendship!” is rational. Congrats on your CAB and CAB 2 PFC Aboalfa!


Continue recruiting Abo. Let’s get them TPs on going brother. Congratulations!

Well done and congratulations on the deserved recognition!

MLMs are a cult including the 29th

Well done PFC