Badge (Patrick H. Tilley)

Cpl. Sablon said:

Sgt. Tilley has been in DP2S2 for his entire time in the 29th, not including a brief stint in DP2S1 when he first joined. Sgt. Tilley has seen it all and done it all, back when he was but a PFC, he was faced with a decision many members of the 29th have faced, which AIT should he choose? Due to limitations at the time, Sgt. Tilley decided to become an MG; man, let me tell you, he is very good at it. But Sgt. Tilley has always had another passion, one that outshines all of the other AITs we have to offer, and that is flying. Every chance Sgt. Tilley gets, he flies, whether it be a simple transport job, or performing aerial combat maneuvers in a Cobra, raining down hot death on his enemies. He is able to do all of it, and he can do it very well too. Now, after a long time, Sgt. Tilley is finally receiving his Pilot Marksmanship Badge. Congratulations on getting your wings, Sergeant!


Congratulations Sgt. Tilley, you got your wings now!


Congratulations Sgt. Tilley!

Congratulations, Sgt. Tilley! I can see your CAP service has helped you out in the 29th :wink: