Badge (Roman Diskeyn)

Cpl. Martin said:

It has been truly impressive to watch this PFC develop his skills over the last few months. Since he joined, he has shown great enthusiasm in not only his game play but in supporting his teammates. He has shown great dedication in his role often being a vital support while in the thick of battle being able to pick off enemies from a far or at close range. Since the time he took on his AIT he has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he can handle an MG. I have seen him rack up a large kill count and thwart a lot of enemy plans in some epic performances during DBOTs. From Rapid fire, to preserving ammunition I have seen a great progress in his style of gameplay. His skills have really benefited his fellow teammates. He proved to be a very valuable asset since then and so I am thrilled to award him his Machine Gun Marksman Badge. Congratulations PFC Diskeyn! Keep aiming straight and down range!


Conratulations PFC Diskeyn!