Badge (Ryan J. Spence)

2Lt. Ericksen said:

I would say we’ve all done it at least once in our 29th careers… but I’m not so sure I’d be correct. What I’m talking about, of course, is proposing a contest for recruiting and then having the audacity to go out and win your own prize by boxing out the competition! This is truly rigging the system just to convince yourself you’ve done enough to buy some new games - ingenious! Now the example you set is a dangerous one, because if all of CP1 followed suit, proposing a recruiting drive and earning a Combat Action Badge 2 in the process we’d all have so many new games, who would have time for Arma? Oh yeah, and not to mention we’d have even more new Privates to shoot at… erhm I mean with…

Well done T/5 Spence, I hope you enjoy your hard-earned bounty… out of your own pocket and this CAB2! Thanks for your service to the unit!

Thank you, T/5!
Enjoy your new games!