Badge (Sasha Greeves)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

T/5 Greeves had been a founding member of Pathfinder School and has since continued to educate others in the usage of combat engineer through Ordnance Corp. During which he has provided exceptional learning opportunities for Dog Company as one of its only expert CE badge holder. T/5 Greeves’ vast knowledge pretraining to his AIT has elevated the understood capabilities of CE due to its versatile arsenal. Through his own initiative and attitude, T/5 Greeves continuously looks for opportunities to not only improve the capabilities of others but also to strengthen their confidence. His character reflects that of the principal teacher, seeing kindly supervision over the participant in every respect - checking him here, urging him there. Therefore, his conduct has merited the Ordnance Instructor Badge, granting great credit to himself, DP3, and Dog Company.