Badge (Sasha Greeves)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Blood and dirt. That tends to be the last thing that T/5 Greeves’ enemies see before one of his many different explosives puts an end to their feeble attempts at glory. Greeves is among those members of Dog Company who have become legendary for their work in their AIT. Between racking up a half dozen kills every round, displacing important enemy assets, and teaching Pathfinder classes, he has made a name for himself with his artillery fire. He’s been quite a few places in the past: leadership, a light AIT, even a halfway pilot. But he has finally found his forever home, here in DP3S1, as our trusty explosives expert. For always surprising us with the accuracy of your 350+ meter shots, enjoy your Combat Engineer Sharpshooter Badge. Now go bust your ass in search of expert marks.

Congratulations T/5 Greeves!

Nice! Always hate getting exploded by you

Thank you all very much, gents!

After intense focus on M79 accuracy to get my Marksman Badge, followed by grueling work to make my Rifle Grenade usage up to par and earning this latest Sharpshooter Badge, I will now switch my focus wholeheartedly on the third biggest aspect of the CE AIT in my opinion, the RPG!

I look forward to creating many, many more on-the-fly (heh, get it? :smirk:) fireworks displays with Dog Company crewmen as the main focus in the near future!

Thank you all for the support, endless teachings and constant drive to challenge myself. I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without having you all as leadership, teammates and rivals within Dog Company!

As always, Ever Forward !

Even though you just got this, you were always extremely sharp using your explosives, congrats!