Badge (Sean J. Mertens)

2Lt. Deb said:

PFC Sean J. Mertens is an iconic member of Dog Company regarding the Crewman AIT, even before the AIT was created. When the crewman AIT was originally being discussed, PFC Mertens was a major contributor, at the squad level, for the push towards its creation. Since its creation, the crewman AIT has been very popular and important for our drills within Dog. PFC Mertens is one of the best crewmen we have within the Company. I have yet to see a member with as much skill and determination as he has. His performance with all air and ground vehicles is unparalleled and I will be surprised to see another member reach PFC Mertens’ skill level. With this said, PFC Mertens is being awarded his Pilot Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations, PFC Mertens, keep up the stellar work.