Badge (Sean P. Mortem)

Sgt. Mortem is known for doing many things well in the 29th. He has long been an excellent Squad Leader, Automatic Rifleman, member of several staff offices, and possibly most important of all, Drill Instructor. For several months now he has performed at an exceptional level as the Drill Instructor for Squad EST BCT, guiding over 40 new Privates into the 29th. It can not be said enough that the Drill Instructor is a vital role in the 29th and it is through their hard work that this unit has existed for well over a decade now, growing to a Regimental size. Sgt. Mortem is yet another in that long history of excellence and will serve as an example to those who follow him in this role. Congratulations on earning your Drill Instructor Badge!


Congrats Sgt.!