Badge (Sebastian A. Garcia)

Cpl. Vargas said:

Gaining fire superiority, maneuvering between firing positions and just calling out targets for suppression all become infinitely more difficult without an AR. For a while, EP3S2 saw this first hand while Sgt. York led the team, S2 had to make due without an AR. We made due but thankfully, PFC Garcia has stepped into the role and fought through the challenges that came with being the most targeted member of the team. PFC Garcia has developed into an AR covers the team as it moves, suppresses anything that we call out and delivers overwhelming fire superiority which is exactly what the Squad needed. Like the Winged Hussars, Garcia has come to save the day. Congratulations on the well deserved Automatic Rifleman Marksmanship Badge!

Congratulations, PFC Garcia.

Congratulations PFC