Badge (Simon M. Bærentzen)

Cpl. Hapers said:

Some know him as Brandon, some as BenTen and some as Bearandsteen but for us he is PFC Baerentzen. He received a Purple Heart for his heroics in BBOTS just last week, he did this by portraying his awareness and game knowledge whilst mowing down the enemy with his Automatic Rifleman. I could go into these heroics again, but I can also talk about that time he saved a friendly by spraying 3 enemy combatants through a wall. Or just one of his many 1 or 2vX clutches he plays a massive role in. Matter of the fact is, PFC Baerentzen has shown he is an excellent AR with a bright future in the AIT ahead of him, and as such, I would like to congratulate him with his Automatic Rifleman Marksman Badge.

Marksman badge? Make that a sharpshooter one

I agree

Congrats, Baerentzen!