Badge (Stijn Hapers)

2Lt. Wright said:

Cpl. Hapers without a doubt is a very skilled Rifleman. It pains me to write this as I am not one to put someone up for Sharpshooter badges as I think they should be hard-earned. At this point, without a doubt, I can’t say he doesn’t deserve one. His skills with a rifle are second to none. Able to lead and take down enemies effortlessly. He has clutched many rounds being the last person alive coming up against odds that a very good player would struggle with. He can also perform this task while giving good and detailed callouts. So I have to put my hands up and say. Well done on your Sharpshooter Badge Cpl.


he’s a decent shot, yeah.

Nice Cpl. Congratulations!

Well earned Cpl.

Congratulations Cpl. Hapers!

Thank you everyone!

Well deserved Cpl!