Badge (Thomas Kardell)

PFC Hapers Said:

T/4 Kardell finished his BCT 14 days before me, afterwards he was assigned to EP1S1, this is where T/4 Kardell started his journey as an Automatic Rifleman, where he managed to accumulate his Marksman Automatic Rifle badge, and managed to pick up quite some expertise. After however, he was transferred to EP1S2 where he became squad leader. As T/4 Kardell stepped down from being a Squad Leader he rekindled his passion for the Automatic Rifle. During this time he has proven himself to be an excellent squad asset who locks down any area you need locked down. With this said, it is my honor to congratulate you, T/4 Kardell, with your Automatic Rifle Sharpshooter badge!

Wow! Congratulations T/4!


Congarts T/4 Kardell!

wow, he made the thing and im proud