Badge (Tomáš Sklepek)

Sgt. Fossi said:

PFC Sklepek is in this unit for a bit over a year by now, in this time he has impressed many with his attitude, skillset and ambition. Right after his assignment as a Crewman PFC Sklepek always had to stick to his beloved rifle when he wasn’t able to fly and to be honest I am pretty happy when he does. Whenever PFC Sklepek is holding a semi-automatic weapon in his hands you know it is over for his enemies as Sklepek usually manages to outplay his fellow peers both long and short range, and in that time he also manages to help me lead. For his efforts and development I think that it is just fair to award him the Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations PFC Sklepek, keep up like this!

Congrats PFC Sklepek well deserved.

Congratulations PFC Sklepek!

Well done PFC!