Badge (Willson W. Wilbury)

PFC Suárez said:

PFC Wilbury as one of our lights has greatly improved his skills during the past months, him been a quiet Private now has become a communicative pointman, always moving where sent and with timely and safe positioning, he has always been the pointman that S1 needed to locate enemies, traps. When attacking through difficult locations, he always has volunteered to be the spearhead. Also something to notice, not only a very capable light AIT holder, also one with criteria, always looking for the best way to accomplish the task given to him. Deadly and organized, someone indeed worth to fear. Congratulations on your Submachine Gun Marksmanship Badge PFC Wilbury!!


Congratulations PFC Wilbury!

Congratulations PFC!

Nice one PFC, great AIT taste and skill!