Badges (David R. Happy)

Cpl. Gordon said:

The Rifle Marksman Arms Qualification Badge symbolizes your unrivaled expertise in employing various firearms, your unparalleled ability to engage targets accurately, and your understanding of tactical principles. Your unwavering commitment to honing your rifle skills and relentless pursuit of excellence have set you apart as an exemplary teammate, deserving of this prestigious accolade.

Furthermore, Expert Infantry Badge the acknowledges your exceptional proficiency and versatility in a wide range of advanced infantry skills and combat techniques. This badge serves as a testament to your mastery of advanced tactics, superior physical fitness, and unwavering mental resilience in the face of adversity. Your dedication to enhancing your knowledge, skills, and abilities has rendered you an invaluable asset to your unit and the entire infantry community.

Congratulations Pvt. Ever forward.

Congratulations, Pvt. Happy!
May your aim stays true.

Congratulations Pvt. Happy i look forward to seing you at drills.