Binoculars Range Finding

Hi 29th,

Since the new budget for army supplies 2.0, every soldier is equipped after his BCT with binoculars. Your binoculars are equipped with an integrated range finding measure units in it.

Today we’ll go over the basics of range finding enemy foes with it, so you’ll be able to be efficient and precise on the battlefield.

Takes notes; English isn’t my first language

At the bottom left quadrant of your binoculars, you should see a graphical measurement with multiples number on it has seen on this picture. The numbers above the parabola is indicating how many meters the target is from you at Elevation 0 (at sea level). The ranging goes from 200 meters all the way to 1 click away (1 km).

To measure the distance, you only have to place the parabola on your STANDING ENEMY TARGET (only works on standing foes). The picture above shows a target at 200m. How this picture below, you’ll be able to see how range finding using this tool. Make sure your ‘‘floor’’ line is placed directly at under the feet of your standing target. Once he’s placed in there look above the graphic, and you’ll know what distance it’s at.

Once you adjusted adequately, you can then communicate at which distance your target is and proceed to procedures.

Thank you,

REC. Gallagher